The Gambler padawan

Author: PatttyB0123
Timeframe: JA
Characters: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn,
Genre: humor
Keywords: gambling
Summary: Obi-Wan is being hold by a smuggler is a garantied.
Jinn left worried that his padawan is going to end hurt in the end of the mission, but..when Jinn comes back finds that his GAMBLING like old timer.

"Sorry, but your padawan have to stay here is a guarantied", said the smuggler to Qui-Gon, who was worry about leaving Obi-Wan with this criminal.

"I will be okay Master", said the padawan smiling to his tense Master.

Qui-Gon did not have any choices. Then he closed his eyes looking for the Force to guide him this time.

He opened his eyes and walked towards his padawan, who was sitting peacefully on the floor.

"Obi", said Qui-Gon "I will be back for you in a couple minutes."

"Great that you accepted my conditions", said the men with a malicious face that made JThe master bones chill up.

With his hands Qui-Gon grabbed the man by his neck, and said in a dangerous tone of voice "If you harm my padawan I will be breaking you in tiny pieces. It is that clear?"

The man shivered in trembling with fear the man node.

"The Force is with you my son", said Qui-Gonn placing gently his hands on padawanís head

"And the Force is with you Master",said, the padawan with a calmly tone of voice.

When the Master left, the man came to Obi-Wan and said, "Well, kid. What I should do with you?" Then he left the room leaving Obi-Wan alone and wondering if the man was going to torture him.

The padawan thought with sadness and worries said "Now I will be ending with healers after that"

The padawan almost jumped from the floor when he saw the smuggler carrying a large block box in his both hands.
Then he sat next to trembling boy and opened the box.

"Hey kid, what do you chose?" said the man looking the padawan, who was now shuddering with fear.

"Hey kid!" said man again. "I am not going hurt you."

The man grabbed the padawan left hand and places a flat thing on the kidís hand.
Obi-Wan looked the object and said "cards?"

"Yeah." said the man "cards."

Qui-Gon with anxiety was running towards the building where Obi-Wan was being held is a hostage.

"Hold on Obi-Wan",said the master almost crying.

Gasping for air Qui-Gon entered the room, expecting to find his padawan suffering from some kind of torture.

"I got the microchip I got.. ahh?"

"What?" said the perplex Master when he saw something that he was not expecting to find from this mission.

Next to Obi-Wan was a pile of clothing and several objects.
In the other hand the man was making worry faces wearing only his long pants.

"I am glad that you got here", said the man looking up at the Master, who was now getting mad with Obi-Wan.

"Rescue me for this little brat!"

"Hey!" said Obi-Wan, "We have not finish yet."

Angrily Qui-Gon gave the microchip to the man, and dragged out his little gambler padawan.

When they were outside Qu-Gon stopped, and said "Where did you learn gambling, Obi-Wan Kenobi?"

"I am deeply sorry Master, but I cannot tell."

"Well," said the master, "you will be grounded for a week."

"Great!" said Obi-Wan giving a disappointed glance to his Master.

"Ahh!" and for that you have to write an essay about manners.

Two weeks later.
"Where is Master Yoda?" Qui-Gon asked to Mace, who was sitting next to the window drinking a cup of tea.

"Well, he is with Obi-Wan talking about the previous mission", said Mace.

"Thanks,"said the master and left to his apartment.

Then Qui-Gon entere the room and heard something weird.

"Teach me you must Kenobi."

"But", "Master Yoda", said Obi-Wan
Qui-Gonn get closer to observe Obi-Wan teaching Yoda?

When Qui-Gon reached them, saw a set of cards on the floor and Yodaís stick next Obi-Wan.

Then the Master looked up at Qui-Gon and said, Your padawan good moves he have.
Let us you must" "meditation you must."

Qu-Gonn left them wondering if Master Yoda with his 850 year was turning crazy, and the temple was in danger under the hands of gambling Master.