Tales of the Temple Terrors:
The sliding Menaces

Two dark figures moved silently through the shadowy halls of the jedi temple. The lights of Coruscant fell silently through the huge windows, giving the scene a surreal appearance that was not lost on the two excited padawans.

The first was human, the city lights played in his short blond hair and across his face, giving his blue eyes an excited glint. His companion was a tiny thing, bearly reaching his lower chest. She slid in and out of the shadows naturally, her short, sleek fur barely distinguishable from her black hair that fed into a long, tousled braid. Big green-yellow eyes beneath eyelashes that would have been abnormally long on a human,glowed with a soft light of their own.

“How much trouble do you think we’d get in if we got caught?” Anakin Skywalker whispered to his best friend, Kittenira Nite.

“I dunno, but lets not find out.” They hurried through mazelike hallways of ancient stone, watched by stern statues of long gone jedi masters. To the two young culprits, they seemed to glare at them, although had anyone else been watching they would to have seemed to be smiling gently in remembrance of their own days as adventure seeking padawans, before those very adventures had taken their lives.

Finally, the two stopped, looking up in anticipation.
“There it is, the longest stair rail in the temple.” Anakin whispered, staring up at it in awe.

“Well don’t just stand there staring at it, come on!” His friend whispered back, grabbing his hand in her furry one and pulling him up the stairs.

By the time they reached the landing at the top of the stairs they were both out of breath.

“I think maybe we should have risked it and took the turbolift.” Anakin panted. They took a few minutes to get their breath back, then turned to the stairwell.

“I’ll go in front.” Anakin said, swinging himself up onto the banister.

“Why’s that?” Kitty demanded, furry little hands on her hips.

“Because I don’t want you to get hurt at the bottom if something goes wrong.” To anybody else this would have just seemed to be a lame excuse to be in front. But Kitty knew better. Ani was very protective of her, even though he was only 3 1/2 standard years older. It got annoying sometimes. But Kity let it go, this time.

She sprang up behind him with feline grace and put her arms around his waist, grinning in excitement.
“Ready?” Anakin asked over his shoulder.

“Go!” They both corused at the same time. And with that they were off. It was exhilirating! They picked up speed as they went, and somewhere along the way they forgot to be quiet. Kitty’s braid came loose, releasing a torrent of black curls behind her.

Above them, through the single door off the landing they had just left, jedi master Yoda was snapped out of meditation prematurely in the council room. He had been troubled by strange visions and had gone to the council room in order ro seek peace in order to become closer to the force. No such luck. With a tired sigh Yoda levered himself out of his seat and hobbled out onto the landing just in time to see the temple trouble makers slide out of view. He smiled, after all there was no one here to see him.

Ever since Anakin Skywalker and Kittenira Nite had met when Anakin first came to the temple they had been inseperable The jedi order would never be the same.

From jedi masters died bright pink to mysterious “leaks” that somehow managed to soak whoever tripped over a “misplaced” wire, they had come to be known as the temple terrors. Perhaps his trepidition concerning Skywalker being trained had sinply been a warning of what was to come when he met a certain young Feralian. Quickly swallowing his smile, the venerable jedi master hopped to the banister and stepped over the edge, letting gravity pull him faster than the temple terrors could slide.

When the two padawans reached the end of the banister, they kept going, landing right at the wrinkled green feet of an especially stern looking master Yoda. Anakin groaned and collapsed back to the floor.
“The troll got us.”

Jedi masters Obi wan Kenobi and Yara Kli arrived in the council chamber in robes and slippers, doing their best not to yawn. Obi wan hid his smile with a scowl upon seeing his padawan.

Anakin’s hair was a mess, his pajamas wrinkled, and he looked ready to jump out the nearest window. There were only a few council members, but they seemed to be making up for their lack of numbers with an extra long, boring lecture. Obi wan could have hugged them.
Tiny Kittys head was resting against Anakins chest and he had an arm thrown protectively around her drooping shoulders, she looked half asleep.

Anakin looked up as the masters entered.
“It’s my fault master Kli, Kitty doesn’t need to be here, she’s rally tired, you should take her home.” That woke Kitty up real fast.

“Now wait just a minute blondie-“ Yoda cleared his throat, cutting Kitty off.

“Explain yourselves, you will. BOTH of you.” He said pointedly, glaring into both of their eyes.

“We were sliding down the banister.” Anakin supplied.

“Yes, aware of that we are.”

“What we want to know is why.”

“And why at this hour? It’s late, I’m tired, I was having a good dream.” Obi wan added to mace's question, to tired to care how he might sound to the council.

“Well because it was fun.” Kitty said

“And you wouldn’t let us do it during the day because of council meetings.”

“Yeah, we wouldn’t want to interrupt.” Kitty said innocently. Anakin nodded eagerly.

“Running into a council meeting, being chased by a bright pink Obi wan is much more disturbing than, albeit, loud padawans sliding down the banister.” Adi Gallia pointed out wryly. Obi wan’s face turned that very color. Anakin grinned impishly and Kitty giggled into her hand while Yara Kli smiled openly

“But Obi wan looks good in pink, don’t you think? And besides, I didn’t have anywhere else to go, he had me cornered!” Obi wan went pinker.

“Masters, as much as I am enjoying this wonderful discussion it is past my padawans bedtime and we need to have a talk.”

“You mean a lecture. Ow!” Without waiting for an answer Obi wan bowed to the assembled masters and grabbed Anakin by his padawan braid, literaly dragging him out of the room.

“Night Kitty! Ow!” Anakin waved and Obi wan tugged on his braid again, not looking back. Their voices drifted through the open door after they were out of eyeshot.

“Ow! Can we take the banister down?”


“Ow! That hurts!”

“What did Qui gon get me stuck with?”

“Me! Ow! Padawan abuse , Padawan abuse!”

“Master abuse, master abuse!”

“Ow! You don’t see me pulling your hair out do you? Ow!”

“You don’t see me dyeing you bright pink do you?”

“At least it wasn’t painful! Ow!”

“It was painful Ani, painful to my dignity.

“Yeah well chasing me into the council chambers with only your towel on didn’t help much! Ow!"