Tales of the Temple Terrors: The Pink Master

Anakin sat and scowled at the bright pink droid admiring herself in the mirror above his dresser. His newest droid, KAR-E, had been programmed with, perhaps, too much personality.

“you know its still going to be pink if you leave the mirror for all of 2 seconds.” He grumbled, not sounding to happy about his own proclamation.

“Oh come on Ani, you’re just peeved because of my expressive color choice.”

“You mean Obi wans expressive color choice.”

“No, I chose the color, all by myself.” She told him proudly, rotating her body 180 degrees with her domed head still facing forward.

“Obi wan brain washed you into it, he told you ALL girls like pink.”

“So, I deserve to know the truth.”

“Not ALL girls like pink” Kari ignored him, cooing at herself in the mirror. Anakin groaned and collapsed back onto his bed. The blankets USED to be a warm brown color, now they were a warm brown with bright pink poka dots. Kari had been so excited about her new paint job, she hadn’t had the common sense to stay still.

“I’m gonna kill him for this.”

“Lighten up Ani.” Kari turned back to the mirror, twirling on her tiny repulsarlifts and cooing.

“I cant take it anymore, to much pink.” Anakin groaned and fled the apartment.
Glancing at his chrono to make sure she would be home, Anakin punched in the code he and his best friend Kitty had rewired into both of their doors, much to poor Obi wan’s horror.

Kitty was at the kitchen table doing homework, her twitching tale giving proof to her annoyance with it. “Hey Ani, where’s Kari?” She asked, Kari usually went everywhere with Anakin.

“Admiring herself in the mirror.” He told her, sitting himself down across from her.

“That bad, huh?”

“Worse! And its all Obi wan’s fault!”

“Don’t worry, we’ll find a way to get back at him.”

“Where’s master Kli?” Kitty’s master, Yara Kli, was usually always home with Kitty.

“Meditating with Master Gallia.” She said mischievously.

“What’d you do this time?” Kitty grinned, showing a flash of white fangs in her black, sleekly furred face.

“Snuck some Gakka juice in her canteen.”

“Oh, that’s evil!” Anakin laughed.

“That’s not even the best part, she got thirsty in the middle of a council meeting!” They both laughed hysterically, “You should have seen her face!”

When they had both calmed down enough to talk again Anakin turned to Kitty with a grin.

“I made a discovery today when I messed up on my chemistry homework.”


“Chemical 3B is clear in water.”


“It dries bright pink.”

The Temple Terrors grinned at each other.

The next day:

Obi wan was up early as usual. He poked his head through Anakin’sw doorway and yelled loud enough to wake the dead for him to get up, and, as usual, Anakin pulled his pillow over his head and begged for more sleep.

“A nice master would let me sleep for five more minutes.”

“I’m not a very nice master.”

“3 more minutes?”

“Hmm, let me think, uh, no.”

“1 more minute?”

“Keep dreaming.”


“Get up now Anakin.”

“30 more seconds?”

Obi wan grabbed the glass of water off of the bedstand and held it over Anakin.”

“Stinky padawans need showers.” Obi wan told him warningly.

“15 more seconds?”

“Anakin, I think you need a shower.”

“No, you need a shower, go away.”
The water soaked Anakin’s sheets and Anakin, who rolled of the bed with a yelp and fell to the floor at an awkward angle, his braid caught between the matters and the bed post. Obi wan laughed and ruffled his hair.”

“Good morning Ani!” He said brightly, “I’ll go take a shower now.”
As soon as he was out of earshot, Anakin burst into laughter, poor Obi wan had no idea!


“The temple Terrors strike again!” Anakin whooped, pulling Kitty up onto his bead and jumping up and down victoriously. He had left Kari switched off, worried that she’d tell Obi wan his plan in thanks for his, ‘showing her the light’, as she put it.
Obi wan ran into the room, and for a moment, Anakn couldn’t believe his eyes. It had worked even better than he’d thought! Obi wan was bright pink! From his beard to his bare feet, he was pink!

“Nice look you’ve got going there master, would you like a pretty pink robe to match your pretty pink nose?” He said it with a perfectly strait face, only his eyes betraying the hysterical laughter going on in his mind. Kitty exercised no such restraint, doubled over on the floor.
Obi wan opened and closed his mouth, to enraged to force any words out from between his pink lips, his face going crimson beneath the pink dye, only serving to make the pink brighter.

Anakin recognized the symptoms.

Grabbing Kitty from the floor, he raced out of the room, and out into the hallway.

“Lets split up. You go right, I’ll go left. We’ll meet back at the hideout.
Kitty nodded.

Apparently, Obi wan had regained his voice. Muffled shouts were coming through the supposedly sound-proof door. With a last ‘secret handshake’, they ran off in opposite directions, Obi wan bursting out of the door behind them and streaking after Anakin.

The council was in a very important meeting. The Supreme Chancellor himself, as well as several other distinguished galactic leaders were there as they discussed an important world that might possibly succeed from the republic, and attempt to put together its own planetery alliance to form as rival government.
It was then that Anakin decided to make his entrance.

He ran into the Council Chamber, not really knowing where he was going until he skidded to a halt in the middle of the room, in front of the shocked Jedi Council and government officials, who automatically assumed he had come for nothing short of an inter galactic emergency. The Council knew better.

He never got a chance to explain. Obi wan was right behind him. He didn’t even see the council or gathered officials.

Going right to the middle of the room where Anakin stood, doubled over with laughter. Before he could start yelling, Anakin pointed out a detail he had somehow missed:

“Master, you’re only wearing a towel!”
It was then that Obi wan realized where he was and who was there.

A shocked silence fell over everyone except Anakin, who was still laughing uncontrollably.

Yoda was the first to regain his voice, having seen a few stranger things in his long lifetime.
“Obi wan, pink you are.”

“Yes Master Yoda, I’d noticed that.”

“Why? Adi Gallia had never seen anything so…..so….. well, pink, in her entire life.

“I’ll give you one guess.”

Every eye in the room turned to Anakin, who smiled disarmingly; “but haven’t you noticed how good he looks in pink?”

Obi wan’s towel chose that exact moment to fall off.

No one in the room was ever the same again.

Ben Kenobi watched, hidden, from a rocky crag as young Luke and his friend, Biggs Darklighter , played below him in the sand, both covered in pink paint and sand, wrestling and laughing in hilarity as they pasted each other with paint tubes.
A small smile slipped across his dry lips: if only he had known.

If he had known that he would lose him, he never would have lectured him for that prank. He would have laughed, joked, called him a little scamp, but never yelled. If he had known that he would lose him, he would never have bothered to punish him for his mostly harmless pranks, he would have gone down to the paint store, bought several gallons of pink paint, and engaged in an all-out paint war, like the boys below him were involved in.

A silent tear slipped down one weathered cheek, Anakin’s face filling his mind, his mischievous smile haunting him with its clarity, his laughter so clear, he could almost believe he was there with him. Unconsciously, his lonely mind reached out along the ruined, bloody bond for his padawan, only to briefly brush a black presence and pull back. It was the final straw.

Obi wan went back to his hidden home, and surrendered to his tears, sobbing uncontrollably over a picture of Anakin, grinning, his arm thrown casually over Obi wan’s pink shoulder.

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