The idea for this came from ESB when you see the blonde braid on Boba's shoulder; even though itís a wookie braid I canít help thinking.

Padawan Braid.

So here's the story ^_^

This is going by Boba being 12 in AOTC and 14 at the end of the clone wars

}} There is a little surprise in here for those that have played Star Wars: Galactic Battleground- Clone Campaigns {{

Sacrifice in Memory

She ran, fearfully aware of the shadow chasing her 'No, there is no place for fear in a Jedi's heart' the blonde haired Jedi Padawan... no, Ex-Jedi Padawan she thought to herself as she let the emotion go, releasing it into the force.

Her Lightsaber, hidden from view for the last 3 months, suddenly exploded to life quickly deflecting deadly red bolts that would have marked her end, but she didnít stop running to check if the deflected bolts had hit their owner, she knew they hadnít, though she couldnít sense it, she just knew.

Leaping blindly off the road that was suspended high above the ground, she landed in the long grass below, if she could stay hidden in the 7 feet long grass she hopefully could make it to the forest, what? 600 feet away?

The planet the Ex-Padawan had been hiding on was named Ferius, the people were still so primitive they used wheeled vehicles that used a refined oil found on many planets for a power source, the city she had been living in, unlike the technology of the people, was a beautiful wonder, winding roads suspended 50 feet in the air criss-crossed and weaved through the high skyscraper like buildings, the designs a mix between Nabooian and the decor found in the Jedi Temple dedicated to centauries past.

She ran through the grass, using the force to help her keep the grass from looking as though it was moving, but alas, when the purge began she was a Padawan.
Not 7 feet in front of her laded a blinking round orb, she quickly threw up a shield using the force, but once again her lack of training hindered her, the explosion threw her back, her shield disappearing and red hot shrapnel striking her in the shoulder, causing her the cry out in pain.

She then realised her error, in the city there had been more obstacles for the bounty hunter who seemed to rely on his Jetpack to keep out of her lightsabers range, now she had given him open country to work with.

She managed to stop herself, just barley, from running into a wall of flame that exploded to life in front of her, blocking her rout into the forest.
Then she knew what she had to do, the question was would she make it?

Turning to were she sensed the Hunters presence she ran, calling the force to her she made a leap of faith.
The Bounty Hunter seemed shocked by her move, he hastily tried to move out of her way but flying 30 feet into the air faster than his Jetpack could ever hope to go she slammed right into him; both of them fell through the air landing hard on the ground.

The Ex-Jedi, named at birth Naat Reath, shook off the stunned feeling she felt from hitting the ground so hard and looked at the Bounty Hunter, Unconscious!
'It'd be so easy... all it would take would be one swing and he would never chase her again... No!' she remembered Master Yoda's words 'In defence only, never in fear'

She had two choices, the woods or the city again.
It wasnít much of a choice, if she went into the woods the Hunter would just find her again or he might even inform Ana... Vader were she was, she shuddered at the thought.

She ran as fast as she could towards the city, leaping back onto the road and into the city again, this time straight towards the space port, not even bothering to hide her lightsaber.


She sighed in relief as the spaceport came into view, leaping over one of the high walls leading to one of the private docking bays she was ecstatic to see a ship parked there, an old freighter yeah, but as long as she could sneak on she'd be fine, all she had to do was hide from the owner till they got wherever he or she was going, anywhere was better than this.

She ran at the entrance, and then suddenly her world went black.

She was only out for a few seconds put when she came back to consciousness she wished she hadnít.
Pain wracked her body, she had what she could tell were horrible gashed covering her body, and she was piled under sheets of metal and piles of debris.
She could feel the thin metal bar that she was impaled on.
The 19 year olds last conscious thought before the darkness took her was 'Here I come Stam...'


Boba Fett walked amongst the rubble and wreckage, seemed that the custom missile he had made for his Jetpack was a little 'too' powerful, the ship, easily half again the size of Slave 1, was now but wreckage covering the private bay.

'Damn waste of a good missile, especially on a Jedi' Boba scowled under his helmet, his head was still spinning from when she slammed him into the ground, and he would have bruises for months.

Finally the 16 year old Fett found what he was looking for and what would enable him to collect the bounty placed on all Jedi, a damaged Lightsaber, it was almost destroyed but it was still identifiable.
The Bounty on Jedi was extremely large, as taking down a Jedi was no easy task, so with this he should be able to fit the new modifications he wanted on Slave 1 and keep him fed for months; he might even be able to replace the weapons the Jedi had cost him.

As he was leaving the bay he noticed something, laying on a pile of rubble was a long blonde braid 'A Padawan braid!' he quickly snatched it off the rubble and away from the fire that was slowly creeping closer to the hair.

He would wear it with Honour, for it was a Sacrifice in Memory of his father, Jango Fett, a great man struck down by a thrice cursed, hair-deficient Jedi.

'Rest in peace Father' He walked away and didnít look back.


Boba Fett would never know, hat the owner of the destroyed ship had returned only minutes later, and discovered what he assumed to be the dead body of the blonde Padawan.

But the Force had something else planned for her than death.
When discovering the girl was alive the young man had ran to the closest Medical establishment and got help.

Her wounds were horrendous, but not deadly.
It took her a long time to recover, but she and the young man spent most of their time together, she learnt that the man was actually just visiting the world, and over time they fell in love.
In the end she travelled with him back to his home and they were wed.
A few years into their marriage she bore them the reason she had been kept alive that days years ago.

So born was Kyle Katarn.