title : I Wish I May, I Wish I Might

author : ewan
A little holiday tale. An understanding reached between master and apprentice. Q/O

There are only three parts to this and the last part will be on Christmas eve or Xmas day....

“Can you believe it Kenobi? It is our first winter solstice tree lighting as apprentices’.”

“Yeah, Obi all three of us together for the lighting and for the first time since we are apprentices’ we can hang our wish box on the tree with our wish in it.”

Tradition at the temple gave apprentice’s the right to place a wish box, made by themselves out of numerous things, could be hung for their master’s to read. If they thought their apprentices’ deserved their wish for a gift, they got it..

It only happened every five years for Jedi apprentices and this would be the three friends first wish box hanging and they were very excited. Well two of them were. Garen and Bant both noticed the ho hum attitude that their friend Obi-Wan Kenboi.

“What’s wrong Obi? Don’t you feel well? Oh, I hope you aren’t getting that nasty tavarion flu. It has postponed the crèche babe’s solstice party for a week. I would hate it if you can’t come.”

Children in the crèche set their slippers outside the crèche ward on the fifteen of December and Father Solstice left a trinket or two and candy.

Obi-Wan used to think his grand master Yoda *WAS* Father Solstice until he reached the old age of two when most realized there really wasn’t a real Father Solstice, just the goodness in Master Yoda’s heart that supplied them with their rare sweet treats and gifts.

By the time the crèchelings were three, they all knew Yoda acted as the kind giver, but continued the tradition for he pleased them just as much as it pleased Master Yoda.

“Oh I can come alright Bant. But as you know, it is up to our master whether to participate in it.”

"Don’t tell me ”Leather Skin Jinn” isn’t going to get you your gift, even if you put a wish in your box? Is he even going to allow you to go?”

Obi got up, threw his used containers in the trash, and started to leave the commissary.

“Oh Bant, I’m allowed to go, but you don’t know the half of it. Master Jinn is not only going to honor my request for a gift, he is not going to participate in the celebration at all, even to not going to it tonight. He said I could go watch you guys hang your wish boxes and the lighting of the wish tree. He himself has refused to have anything to do with the Solstice celebration and what else did he say? Oh Yeah, I am not to bring it up again. He said if I want to go then go, but not to mention it to him for he had plans to work tonight,*ALL NIGHT*.”

Bant hurriedly got up to dispose of her food tray as well.

“Oh Obi-Wan I am so sorry. It is just like quirky old Qui-Gon to ruin everything for you.”

“Please Bant, Garen don’t belittle my master. He has a right to refuse this. I should just be glad he took me as his apprentice.”

“ Obi-Wan don’t degrade yourself like that. Master Jinn is the lucky one to have chosen you not the other way around. As for the party tonight, he has a right to refuse the gift. Especially if he feels you have been less than dutiful and disciplined while being apprenticed to him this first year. However, no master and I mean it Obi-Wan, no master has ever outright refused to participate. He must be in some book of records as being the first.”

Garen added his opinion as he too pitched his discarded food in the trash, but staved his milk carton to throw in; like making a basketball shot. [He missed. ]

“Master said he would never participate. I know it has something to do with Xani. I spoke to Master Yoda about it and he said my master always got Xanatos everything and anything he wanted listed on his wish list. . Master Yoda thinks in some way my master thinks by doing so, as with too many privileges he gave Xanatos, while he was a under him, he was responsible for his former apprentice’s turn to the dark side. If my master chooses to forego the celebrations tonight, the dutiful thing for me to do is not complain and don’t you say anything else about him either. The day is bad enough without me feeling angry with my two best friends…"

###Mace’s council office####

“Sure you can get all those data pads to your apartment Qui”

Qui-Gon pushed the door open further with his boot and rolled his eyes.

“If I have any difficulty, I think I can use a touch of my Jedi powers to help me. I am not helpless you know.”

“Yes, well you may not be helpless, but you have lost a touch of your sanity. You really plan to go through with your ridiculous declaration aren’t you? You are not going to participate in the Solstice tree lighting and wish box tradition for your apprentice? Have you banished Obi to his room as you plan to tether yourself to yours??”

"Yes I plan to go through with *declaration* as you call it. And for your infomation I have not forced Obi-Wan to remain in our apartment tonight. I have explained to him I don’t want to hear any more about it and if he chose to go then he could but not to mention to me."

“Generous of you Qui-Gon Jinn. Just because you overindulged Xanatos in everything is no excuse to punish this apprentice for it. Xanatos failed, Obi-Wan didn’t and if I am any judge of character he won’t.”

“Look Mace, Master Yoda crammed Obi-Wan down my throat or my other declaration of not taking a padawan again would have been followed through. Be glad I relented and took him."

“I am not sure I should be pleased about it but you certainly should. He is the most praised Jedi apprentices in his age group.”

“ I never said I regretted taking Obi-Wan as my apprentice. On the contrary I know how lucky I am, and how hard he strives to succeed. Nevertheless, I plan to speak with his instructors about over praising my apprentice. Not only did I lavish gift after gift even more than the one he should have gotten in his wish box, but I poured the praise on him and look where he is. No, gifts to my apprentice or over complimenting him will not be the reason for him to turn, if he decides to go the way Xani did.”

“Obi-Wan Kenobi IS NOT Xanatos Crion. And no matter what you believe, you were not the cause of Xanatos’ sudden turn to the dark. I don’t think love caused Xani to turn and that was what you did. If you are guilty of anything Qui-Gon Jinn, it is of loving” your former apprentice too much.”…..

“Well if it was overindulgence of love that caused Xani to turn, I will see to it Obi-Wan that so-called-love is withheld from him. You see Mace, I do care and love Obi very much. I have more than enough *LOVE* for him to see him successfully reach Jedi knighthood.”………..

Obi-Wan had intended to go the activities of the winter solstice wish celebration; to at least witness them, be with his friends, and watch their enjoyment of them. . He really had, until thoughts of the odd looks, whispered jokes, and possible derogatory remarks about his master came to mind.

No, I can’t go there. I would be the only one without a wish box hung on the tree and the only apprentice not accompanied my their master to participate in the celebrations and festive activities.

He was just about to pass the garden of the fountains until he begrudgingly decided that the gardens would be just as good a place as any to hang out for a couple of hours; kill some time so he wouldn’t have to see his master’s hauntingly eerie eyes watch him all evening. Watch to see if I show any disappointment or anger for not being allowed to go with him to the party. He hadn’t wanted to stay in with his master and he couldn’t face those at the party. Yes, the fountain gardens would be alright to hide out in for awhile.

Maybe I can meditate and that would help bring the emotional peace I need right now.

Tahl heard someone enter the gardens just as she picked her knitting needles back up.

Good therapy, bull. This “dag blasted” thread keeps hanging up. I will never finish these treat holders in time and I even have an extra week before the crècheling party.

“Master Tahl, I am sorry I didn’t know anyone was in here.” Obi bowed before he remembered Tahl sightless eyes couldn’t see his respective genuflect to her.

“Oh come on in Obi. I could use the company. However, I am not sure you why you are out wondering the halls. Shouldn’t you be at the apprentice solstice party? Big deal for you beginner padawans, I always thought. Even back in my day it was.”

Obi-Wan tried to hide his surprise on his face over the comment that Winter Solstice celebrations existed way back in *her* day. He stopped when he remembered Tahl couldn’t see. Her Jedi abilities and everyday tasks were so finely honed that though she was blind, few around her ever really thought about it.

Tahl could feel the embarrassment from Obi or at least suspected it with the time he waited before anything else was said.

Obi toed the grass under his feet with his boot.

“I am sorry Master Tahl. I mean you know. I sometimes forget you are blind. Oh you know you are so normal…well anyway… I am sorry about the comment... I mean about your age and all.”

Obi was even more embarrassed because he couldn’t get a proper sentence to form.

“No matter Obi. I think I thought everyone over the age of thirty should be sent to an old folks home when I was your age. If you aren’t going to watch the activities in the temple hall, care to visit with me awhile?”

She patted a place by her side. “Here sit with me. Has that stubborn master of yours decided to forego the solstice wish tree party? I know he swore he would never attend another. He said something about not spoiling another apprentice.”

“I know all that. But I am not Xanatos and I thought he knew that, but when he told me we would NOT be celebrating the Winter solstice, I was… well…you know. I suppose he doesn’t trust me fully yet. If he did this party would be nothing but a pleasant master and apprentice outing.”

Tahl reached out toward where she knew Obi sat right bedside her, found his ginger-gold hair and ruffled it.

“Oh I see and Qui-Gon, Master Jinn, has made what should be a pleasant master/ apprentice outing into giant test of ???……..”

Obi had his own thoughts about what Master had turned the joyous celebration into. He burst forth with his opinion. He rudely interrupted Tahl to tell his opinion and didn’t wait for what she had to say.

An anger filled Obi-Wan spoke with the same venom Tahl could feel radiate from him.

“My Master has made the wish tree party something sinister, almost evil where only light should be. It is the beginning of Winter Solstice. I am not making a choice between him and the dark side. If I object to not going then I am a failure and he certainly doesn’t want another failure. Does he think to respect and care for one another, master to apprentice, that it will some way instill the dark in me?”

“No I think it is because he trusts you that he shies away from spoiling you. He fears the same thing will happen to you as it did Xani. Qui, Master Jinn was very lenient, too lenient for a Jedi master when Crion was his apprentice but he realized it too late as well. I am afraid he may have overcompensated with you for the way he was with Xani.”

“Yeah, I get what Xani should have gotten. He punishes me for what his former apprentice was guilty of.” Too late the apprentice realized he’d said too much, or was fearful that he had.

“Obi don’t think that. Master Jinn cares very much about you.”

Mumbling, Obi spoke his true thoughts.

“ He has an odd way of showing his care for me. He loves me so much he makes me miserable most of the time. But please Master Tahl, don’t misunderstand me, I am honored that he is my master. I only hoped he’d want me half as much as his apprentice as I wanted him for my master.. Maybe things will change……..”

Tahl thought it wise to ignore Obi’s negative words about his master. The boy was so miserable her condemnation of him wouldn’t help matters .

“Obi-Wan, it would be extremely nice to have company while I labor over this tedious job, which should be done out of love but… Well, I am not very good with these needles.”

She held one up in the air.

“Now if this was a saber.”

Tahl mimicked the moves of a saber kata with the knitting needle held out before her.

“I would know how to use it proficiently a lot more so than knitting these treat holders. However there is no telling who I would skewer with my saber. I am told by the healers, that later I will learn how to use my saber again even though blind. I wish now was later or vice versa. I have to be content to be useful in this capacity.”

Master Tahl was delighted to hear a slight giggle come form Jinn’s little apprentice.

“Oh Master Tahl, you will always be useful. I say pretty soon you will be able to best anyone in the training salles, maybe even better than Master Jinn. I would love to stay with you awhile if you don‘t think I would be a *bother*.”

Tahl smiled and wished she could see Obi-Wan’s face. Just to see if by talking with her might have removed some of his sadness.

Does his master make him feel he is a bother to him when they are together. Oh Qui-Gon, what have you unknowingly done to this little one? His words do seem lighter, but if only I could see the expression on his face.

“O.K. enough flattery. Let’s get me started back on this. Talk if you want too or sit there, keep me company, and think, that’s o.k. too. Either way you could never be a *bother* to me.”

It really helped disperse Obi-Wan’s depressed mood to sit with Tahl and talk. She told him about her and Qui-Gon back to when they were in the crèche together. Obi got an entirely different perceptive of his master. He couldn’t help but feel a little jealous of Tahl because she knew Qui-Gon when he was a much different person than what he was now.

Or maybe he still is the master she remembers with his friends like Master Yoda, Mace and of course Tahl. Maybe the only person he is strict and cold too is me, his apprentice.

Obi-Wan watched Master Tahl for almost two hours, nimbly knit the little figures reminiscent of the winter solstice celebration; snow flakes, snowmen, the solstice tree itself and beautiful stars knitted from thread the color of spun gold.. He couldn’t imagine anyone being able to knit faster than she did. He watched, mesmerized by the master who said she couldn’t knit very well, knit the little trinket and goody holders, each in ten or fifteen minutes.

“There Obi this is one for you.” Tahl had finished her project and was glad she had the company for the time went by faster.

Obi took the finished knitted gift of a small square knitted so tightly it could not be seen through.

“Well thank you, Master Tahl. I will treasure this gift, though to be honest, I don’t know what it is.”

“It is a wish box. Maybe not as elaborate as some made by the other padawans, but all the same a gift box to hang on the tree.”

“But why? I suppose I the party is already over. And if it is not, Master Jinn is not going to come and see if I put a wish box there, remember?”

Obi happened to look at the chrono on Tahl’s arm. She had Braille engraved on it so she could read it as well.

“Oh, I do have to go. It is past my curfew. Although Master Jinn said I could attend the festivities or do anything else I wanted to do within the temple, I don’t think he meant I could be late on my curfew.

Beads of sweat broke out on the boy’s forehead. He was positive his master would be angry with hi, even after he tried so hard to keep him happy. That was why he left their apartment in the first place, so Master Jinn wouldn’t see or feel his disappointment about not going to the party.

Tahl reached out and touched Obi’s arm.

“Look I will handle Master Jinn. Do me a favor hang this on the tree.”

“Master Tahl forgive me, but I don’t see any reason too. I mean I love it and I will be happy to keep it.”

“It is not for you, only indirectly. It is a wish box and you *have* to put a wish in it. It doesn’t matter if Master Jinn gets it or not. Just do as I say. It’s an order from a master. Now go and do it.”

“But Master Tahl all the wish boxes have been taken from the tree by now.”

“Good if everyone’s gone no one will have to know you were there. Just do it for me. O.K.? Oh and make sure the wish you put in there is the most sincerest wish for what you want..”

Obi couldn’t understand why but he thought the extra five or ten minutes being late to stop off where the tree was wouldn’t matter anyway.

Master is as displeased with me as he’s going to get by now. A few more minutes late won‘t change that. I did want to see the tree with its lights on it.

“Very well, but only for you because it is such a special time of the year.”

“Good, now go.”

Obi hadn’t been gone five minutes before Qui-Gon came barreling in the gardens like a bull moose.

“Is *he* still here? I tracked his force signature to here. I have a few things to say to my apprentice. He is in some deep trouble.”

“ Is there a hello Tahl, how are you, for me? I suppose not. Well hello Qui, and yes had you asked, I am fine. Now to your apprentice. I will tell you where he is, only after I have said my *few* words to you Qui. I think you are in just as much trouble as he, but for a very different reason. Oh and you are in trouble with me, not Obi-Wan.……… “

"Master Tahl, I have just gone through a very similar conversation with Master Windu. I don’t care to discuss my apprentice’s well being with you as well. Now could you tell me where Obi-Wan went? He is late.”

“ “Master Tahl and Master Windu?” Pulling out the big guns aren’t you Qui? Since when have you ever bothered to put master in front of either of our names unless in front of dignitaries or… or you are in someway displeased with us.. Well, let me tell you *MASTER* Jinn, I am just as displeased with you and you seem to be with me.. If you don’t quit judging Obi-Wan by Xanatos’ failures you are going to end up with a lot more trouble than an unruly apprentice. You might just find yourself in the same situation as with Xanatos. Only this time I don’t think Master Windu , Master Yoda, or I will agree with you. We honestly told you that Xani’s failings were not yours. But with Obi-Wan.. If he should turn, it will be *all* on your head.”

“ Disobedience from him won’t be tolerated. Xanatos taught me a lesson learned well as to how to handle an unruly padawan .”

The cold stern look on Jinn’s face softened as he thought of his present apprentice. He did not feel like arguing with Master Tahl and he really wanted her to understand his position. A softer toned master spoke to Tahl this time.

“ Tahl, I am trying to correct the mistakes I made with Xanatos. I want only for Obi-Wan to succeed to knighthood. What I do, I do explicitly for him.”

“Humph… Did he now? Did Xanatos Crion know he taught the great Master Jinn something? Learned your lesson have you? Just what lesson did Xanatos teach you? Did he possibly instill distrust where unwavering faith in Obi should be? Or maybe he taught you to treat the only person who cares about you like some low-life being that crawls on its belly instead of walks on its feet. NO?… Just maybe Xanatos taught you how to betray the one person who should be steadfastly in your confidence. Just because those three transgressions I just mentioned, were executed by Xanatos is no reason for you to mimic his mistakes. Give Obi-Wan half as much love and faith as you gave Xan and he it return it by double. He already has, if you think about it.”

Tahl waited. She hoped that the sentiment of the holiday and Jinn’s own thoughts stirred by facts about his former apprentice and his present one would make him finally realize a few of the mistakes he was making with Obi-Wan. She should have known, just as with Xanatos Crion, lessons learned by Qui-Gon were difficult to teach.

Qui put a hand on each hip and stared in astonishment at his friend. Part of him knew her words spoke the truth but the stubbornness in him wouldn’t allow him to admit it.

“Are you finished? Now will you tell me where Obi-Wan has gone? Can I at least leave or should I call the temple guards and tell them a gone-mad master is holding me captive until I agree with her fully, down to every detail?”

Tahl clicked her mouth with a sound of disgust and waved her hand.

“Go, I am not holding you captive, you stubborn old fool. Never let it be said I didn’t try to tell you and if that obstinate streak in you wasn’t so dominant you would admit I speak the truth. Tell you what. You used your astute force ability to home in on where obi was earlier, use it now.”

“Come on, Tahl don’t be this way. I hate to make you angry or upset with me. I just want to finds my apprentice. And yes, I could use my force abilities and bond with Obi to find him. I have tried while speaking with you. However, he seems to have closed down his side of the bond. I suppose he is doing something he shouldn’t be.”

“Oh yeah, right Qui and he does that so often doesn’t he ? He is what, the worst apprentice here? NO, I’ll tell you what Obi-Wan is. He is one of the best studied and disciplined apprentice in the apprentice program today. I dare you to deny my words.”

“No, I can’t in honestly say Obi-Wan isn’t *good*, but so was Xani.”

“Yes, and we all saw through his façade of goodness, but you. You can’t say you weren’t warned by several of his instructors, Mace, Master Yoda, and myself.”

Silence………………… Qui would not deny or agree with Tahl’s words.

“Very well, come with me. Don’t want you to tax your abilities. I will take you to Obi-Wan.”

“That is not necessary if you would just…”

“You want to know where Obi-Wan is or not Jinn?” Then follow me…”

Qui-Gon was more than surprised when they arrived at the double doors to the great hall where the apprentice winter solstice party, long since over, had been.

“Why here? The party is over.”

“So, go in. You said you wanted your apprentice didn’t you?”

Master Jinn did not question Tahl, but instead opened the doors and held them while Tahl entered first.


“Well what?”

“Obi-Wan, remember Tahl. You said he was here. No one is in here.”

“What do you see?”

“An empty room, save a lit tree emptied by the masters who removed their apprentices’ wish boxes from it. What should I see?”

“Oh, then I suppose he left.”

“Obi-Wan came here, when, why?”

“About ten minutes ago.”

Jinn looked at the time.

“Ten minutes ago! He left you and came here even though he must have realized he was late, well past his curfew?”

“I believe he did. He mentioned it.”

“See and you still defend him. After he found out what time it was he still stalled around and made himself later.”

“Would it have mattered?”


"Time.... another five minutes wouldn’t have made you any more dispelaesed with him.!! LOOK!! on the tree. Someone left a wish box. Check it for me."

Jinn forgot her words about Obi’s lateness and glanced around at the tree. Thahl had spoken in such a shocked tone, it startled the Jedi master into immediatley obeying her command to him, without thinking.

There in the front was a small gold knitted wish box left behind by some master.

“Oh alright. How a master forgot his apprentice‘s wish box is beyond me.”

“Why? You wouldn’t even allow Obi to have one.”

Jinn took the little delicately knitted box and placed it in his hand. The aura around it could not be missed. Obi-Wan’s force signature overpowered the little wish box with remnants of his presence. Suddenly, a realization came to the master’s mind.

“Tahl, how could you have seen this on the tree? You are sightless.”

“So I am, so I am. Open it. Now that you have felt Obi's presence on it, we both know who that little box was left for, you."

“NO!! I told Obi-Wan I would not permit him to engage in these trivial unimportant things that go on at the temple. Now if you will excuse me. How stupid was I? You, blind and tried to “con” me by telling me you saw this "hanging" on the tree. You knew it was there.”

Jinn started to walk angrily away. He refused to be the pawn in whatever game Tahl and Obi had cooked up for him.

“You are wrong Jinn. Yes, as you said. I may be blind but you are the one who can’t see. You can’t see that you are about to let the most important thing in your life slip right through your fingers. Now open that box. If you don’t, consider me a friend of yours no longer.”

The harshness in Tahl’s voice as she spoke the shocking declaration led Qui-Gon to believe she spoke the truth.

“Black mail, that is what this is. But to show you I treasure our friendship, I will open it and read it. However, I will not be a willing participant in all this. What ever is written in his note, he will not recieve. Probably another wish for that stupid model speeder he has been eyeing in the store every time we go to Coruscant.”

Qui-Gon read the note from the gift box. He stepped to Tahl, embraced her, and laid his cheek to hers. She felt the dampness of shed tears and knew without a doubt her suspicions were true.

Obi wrote a wish from his heart and not from selfishness or wanton desire.

“How did you know?”

Words weren’t necessary Qui wanted to know how she knew Obi would write what was on his note.

“How? Easy Master Jinn, I know your apprentice a wee bit better than you. And that needs to be corrected. I don’t need to see Obi-Wan to know the words he speaks when he talks of you are genuine and sincere. Now all you have to do is what I have been able to do with him. Open your heart and you will see the true Obi; the one I *saw* this evening. Simply put my dear old friend, I knew the child would make his wish one of importance to him. And nothing is more important to Obi-Wan than you, Qui-Gon and serving the Jedi.”

"Excuse me Tahl. This stupid old fool has to have a long talk with my apprentice. I think there are some apologies due, from me…not him….
All the way back to the apartment he shared with Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon went over and over the wish note which was evidently meant for the force itself.

He slowly reread it to himself right before he entered their quarters.

“It is me force, *again*. If you fail to listen to my wish, it will fall on deaf ears. My master has temporarily refused to participate in the wish tree celebrations. I know I have called on you so much lately, but I hope that will change soon. You see Master Qui-Gon is real hesitant to participate in the wish box tradition since his last apprentice…. Well….. you know Force Padawan Crion betrayed my master and left him with a wounded heart. However, Master Tahl thinks Master Jinn might start to see me for my worth. She also said that he really does deep down care for me. Oh I hope it is so Force. In fact, Master Tahl is the one who suggested is the one who suggested I wtire a wish for the wish box celebrations even though my master, well err.. You must remember her. I have called up on you several times on her behalf as she struggled with her blindness. Oh I am sorry I am rambling. Of course you know her. She is blessed with great force abilities herself. ANYWAY…..
I want to break tradition a little this year and since I already have by calling on you instead of Master Jinn for my wish, I figure it would be aright to make my wish, not entirely for me.. It is truly not for me at all, but for Qui-Gon.. I know I can’t kid you, if my wish could benefit me as well it would be nice. But you know what is in my heart and I certainly can’t lie. If in granting my wish you could only make Master Jinn truly happy; and his mind and heart at peace once more, then I wish it. Make my master see that things will be alright, that he didn’t do anything wrong in the training Xani, and maybe, just maybe you could slip in there that I want to be the best Jedi apprentice a master could ever have. Not just because I want to become a knight. I want more than life itself to please Qui-Gon .You know my heart Force. Make him see I will never betray him as Xani did. I care, respect, and most of all *LOVE* him too much to do that…….………………….……

##### Inside their quarters.#####

Master Jinn didn’t fail to notice that the apprentice that could stand side by side with him in battle against a hoard of Hutts, was the same apprentice before him now that shook in fear just because he had to face his master over his tardiness.

The one person that should be his confidant, best friend, and all around father figure could evoke such terror in a padawan, his padawan, made him realize how impossibly difficult he had made things between Obi-Wan and himself.

Jinn sauntered over to his favorite easy chair, slouched in it as if worn out, and called to Obi-Wan.

He gave no clue to Obi if he was angry or not. The apprentice just assumed he was.

“Padawan, attend me please.”

Obi rushed to his master’s side. He knelt before Qui-Gon, hung his head, and waited for what surely be a severe reprimand, followed by a list of penances in the form of extra chores for him.

”I have a few things to discuss with you, *YOUNG MAN*.”

Obi was so nervous, he didn’t notice the paper, the *big* piece of paper, once it was rolled out.

“Yes Master.“

“Look at me Padawan, when I speak to you.”

Still the voice of his master carried neither anger nor resolve.

“Sorry master.”

Obi’s voice was nothing more than a timid whisper, barely audible to Master Jinn’s ears. However, he did raise his head and let his sea blue eyes meet the emerald orbs of Master Jinn’s.

“First thing I want to ask you is……...”

Obi held is breath.

“….....Is how in the name of the force did you manage to fold this big piece of paper up and get into this tiny little box”

Qui-Gon held up the knitted wish box given to his apprnetice by Master Tahl.

”Good thing the knitting thread stretches a little.”

Qui-Gon could not hide his mirth any longer. Right after he said what he did to Obi, his face broke out in the biggest smile Obi-Wan had ever seen on his master’s face and a low almost growling chuckle escaped from deep down in his chest.

Obi’s mouth could have dropped to the floor the way it was gaped opened. It felt that way anyway. His master had in his hand the note Obi-Wan wrote and put in the wish box.

Obi-Wan was incapable of verbally responding. He couldn’t have thought of what to say if his mouth would have gone along with him.

Emotions were at their highest for both master and apprentice. When Master Jinn extended his arms out in a beckoning welcome, the child, *his* child willingly fell into them and burst into tears that quickly dampened the front of *his* master’s tunic.

“Can you forgive an old man his stupidity Padawan? Can we begin again?”

“Oh Master Qui-Gon, [sniff] you are not old and certainly not stupid. As for beginning again, we already have. Don’t you think so?”

“Yes, it seems we have.”

Master Jinn hugged tighter the gift he finally realized was unconditionally his, "Obi-Wan".

"And oh what a wonderful beginning it is *my imp*…….."