Title: An Interesting Day
Author: Padawan Jess Kenobi
Rating: PG, humor,
Time: JA, Obi-Wan is 14
Thanks to : Wild_Huntress and JediAKM for betaing this
Disclaimer: I've already been arrested for claiming that the SW world is mine so....I
don't own anything

An annoying ringing sound cut through the air. It was soon halted as a hand half-heartily
threw the alarm clock on the ground, making a bang, soon followed by an even larger bang.
Obi-Wan Kenobi grunted as he hit the ground. The door to his room opened and a tall man
smiled wryly at him.

“By the Force Obi-Wan, you’d think by the age of fourteen, you wouldn’t need a crib to
sleep in anymore.” Qui-Gon joked.

Obi-Wan threw him a sarcastic smirk. “Ha ha Master. I can just feel the love and
encouragement here, penetrating every midichlorian of my being.” Qui-Gon Jinn was
Obi-Wan’s Master, and Obi-Wan was his padawan . Over the past two years that they had been
a Jedi team, they had developed a father-son bond.

Both Jedi laughed as Obi-Wan picked himself off of the floor, and into bed. Qui-Gon
frowned. “Obi-Wan, when your alarm clock wakes you up, its customary for people to well,
wake up.”

Obi-Wan’s head was on his pillow, so his reply was muffled, “Maybe its customary for you,
and siths to get up at this sithly hour, but not normal people.”

Qui-Gon hid his amusement, and growled at Obi-Wan. “What did you say?”

Obi-Wan immediately corrected himself. “Uh...I said that it *should* be customary for
everyone but siths to get up at this hour.” said Obi-Wan as he put on a cheesy smile.

Qui-Gon shook his head and smiled, “that’s what I thought you said. Now go shower and meet
me in half an hour in the sparring rooms. Obi-Wan groaned, but got up and stumbled to the
’fresher anyway. Ten minutes later a wet padawan emerged from the ‘fresher, feeling nice
and clean. He looked at his chrono and his eyes bugged out 4:10 am!!! He thought it was at
lease 6:00 am or something. “My master is crazy!” He muttered to himself. Who in their
right minds wake up this early in the morning?

Suddenly the door to his and Qui-Gon’s door swung open to reveal a very awake Bant. <I
rest my case> he thought to himself. “Hey Obi!!” she screamed at him.

He looked at his usually quiet friend. “Um...hi Bant. Are you okay?”
Bant giggled at him. “Of course I’m okay, silly. My Master and I went to Master Yoda’s
house for breakfast, and it was gooood.” Obi-Wan had a look of pure horror on his face.
“Bant, you didn’t...tell me you didn’t...eat Master Yoda’s...” ,he gulped nervously
“Yup!!” Said Bant happily as she skipped out of the quarters singing something about ‘the
colors of the wind.’ Obi-Wan looked after her, puzzled. He glanced again at his chrono and
determined he had fifteen minutes before he needed to meet his Master. Obi-Wan decided to
have some toast for breakfast. He hummed to himself as he put two pieces of toast in the
toaster. While he waited for the toast, he decided to watch a bit of TV He turned on the
monitor and flipped the channels until he saw a movie he liked called “The Planet of the
Wookies.” He watched it for a little until he smelt something burning. A jolt of
realization hit Obi-Wan as he sprang off of the couch.

<The toast!> he screamed to himself. When he ran in the kitchen he noticed that the
toaster was jerking about. Obi-Wan was at a loss of what to do. He didn’t want to pull the
plug, but if he didn’t the toaster might blow up or something!! He looked around
frantically as the toaster began to spit steam. He reached for his lightsaber. <Qui-Gon’s
going to kill me!> he thought as he slaughtered the poor toaster in half, the blue blade
of his lightsaber burning through it. He swore to himself, imagining the decrease in his
allowance he was going to get for this. But he couldn’t worry about this now. He glanced
at his chrono, and determined he had to leave now, unless he wanted to risk being late. He
did *not* enjoy the two hour lecture on punctuality his Master gave him the last time he
was late.
Obi-Wan ran faster than he had ever ran before, and just barely made it in time. For some
reason, the feeling that he forgot something haunted him, but he shook the feeling away.

Qui-Gon was glancing at his chrono, hoping his padawan wasn’t going to be late. He did
*not* enjoy having to lecture his padawan for two hours on punctuality. He sighed as he
saw a blur almost smack into him.

“Your on time, this time padawan. Qui-Gon said as Obi-Wan was bent over gasping for

“Didn’t ...like...lecture” Obi-Wan rasped out. Qui-Gon smiled at his padawan. He waited a
moment or two for his padawan to catch his breath. “Are you ready to spar now padawan?”

Obi-Wan looked up sharply, as if just realizing now that he was in the sparring rooms.
“huh? Oh. Yes I’m ready Master,” he responded as he ignited his sapphire blade. Qui-Gon
ignited his green one, and Master and padawan resumed battle positions. Qui-Gon attacked
first, a hard blow to the left. Obi-Wan easily blocked it, and twirled to avoid another
close by blow. The match went on for approximatly half in hour. A crowd had gathered to
watch the pair spar. Knights, Masters and padawans all gasped in wonder. The team moved in
perfectly fluid, and graceful motions, never missing a step. Qui-Gon was more astonished
than the crowd. He knew his padawan was a good fighter, but...when had he gotten so good?

Both Master and apprentice were tiring now. Qui-Gon was the one who made the fatal
mistake. He threw a particularly hard thrust of the saber toward his padawan. Obi-Wan knew
he couldn’t get his ‘saber up in the air in time, so he did the only thing he could think
of doing. He gathered up the force and did a magnificent flip in mid-air, landing softly
behind Qui-Gon. Although Qui-Gon was greatly surprised, he had great reflexes. He spun
around to block what would have been a “killing” blow. But to his great surprise, Obi-Wan
wasn’t there! He looked around for a second before he felt his lightsaber fly out of his
hands, and felt the hot blade of his padawan’s lightsaber resting lightly on his neck.

After Obi-Wan had landed behind Qui-Gon, he percepted that Qui-Gon could
turn around fast enough to stop his blow. So, Obi-Wan fell to the ground. He
saw Qui-Gon turn around expecting him to be there. Obi-Wan took Qui-Gon’s
momentary confusion as an advantage, and jumped up with lightning speed. He
knocked away his Master’s lightsaber, as he lay his lightsaber on Qui-Gon’s
neck, signaling a “kill.”

The audience of the sparring match gasped in amazement. A 14 year old
apprentice just beat one of the best swordsman in the whole order!

Obi-Wan looked at an amazed Qui-Gon and said dramatically “Do you yeild,
Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn?” he said with a touch of humor in his voice.

Qui-Gon looked proudly at his padawan and put on a fake, scared shaky voice
“Yes, I yeild, Jedi Padawan Learner Obi-Wan Kenobi.” Obi-Wan smiled as he
lowered his lightsaber, and deactivated it.

Qui-Gon looked around for a moment. Obi-Wan smiled mischeviously and pointed
to an object on the ground 10 meters away. “You want your lightsaber back,
Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn?” Obi-Wan said keeping his voice formal.
Qui-Gon played along and bowed exageratingly low and responded “Would you do
me the honor?” Obi-Wan called upon the Force to deliver Qui-Gon’s lightsaber
to his outstretched hand. It was at that point that the crowd exploded in a
flurry of cheers. Obi-Wan drew in a breath as he recongnized a certain
shinyness poking out from the crowd. It was Master Mace Windu! For a moment
Obi-Wan saw awe on the Master’s face. Mace walked up to Qui-Gon, his eyes
twinkling with mischeviousness.

Mace Windu winked at Qui-Gon and said. “That was an excellent match Obi-Wan.
Come on, Qui. You’re not gonna let him win that easily, are you?” The crowd
of Jedi all understood what was going to happen next, and yes, they would
enjoy it. Qui-Gon knew what Mace meant, and surpressed a laugh. He saw
Obi-Wan’s young confused face, and slowly gathered the Force around him. He
sent waves of the Force towards his padawan. Before he knew it, Obi-Wan was
face down on the training mat, laughing hysterically. Qui-Gon’s grin grew.

A couple minutes went by, in which the crowd of Jedi found their spirits
lifting, just by the pure sound of a young boy laughing. Mace lifted an
eyebrow, not many people could withstand the effects of Qui-Gon’s
Force-tickling fo so long. Qui-Gon doubled his efforts as Obi-Wan laughed
harder than ever. Obi-Wan knew he couldn’t withstand the torture for much

“All right... I yeild!” He gasped out in between his bursts of laughter.
Qui-Gon only smiled evilly. “You know what you need to say, padawan.”

“No.” said a stubborn Obi-Wan. He would *not* give in to this evil request.
The crowd was obviously enjoying the show, as they cheered both Qui-Gon and
Obi-Wan on. A few minutes later, and Obi-Wan knew he had to submit. He
couldn’t take it anymore. “Alright...stop...please, I’ll say...it. You’re...
you’re a g...g..good cook Master.” He winced as he said this. Qui-Gon
stopped the tickling, and walked over to his apprentice which was gasping
for breath.

Qui-Gon turned to the chuckling crowd and announced. “See I do have good
cooking. My apprentice finally admitted to this.” He glanced over to Obi-Wan
who was getting up. Obi-Wan walked over and made a face. He scarcely had
time to look up before he felt someone slam into him. The figure knocked him
to the floor. Obi-Wan rolled his eyes. It was Padawan Jenny Opinfros. She
was a little bit older than Obi-Wan and was definatiy infatuated with the
handsome padawan.

“Ohhhh Obi!” She cooed at him, “you’re such a good swordsman, yes you are.”
Obi-Wan was very annoyed now. He hated it when women baby talked at him. He
attmpted to remove himself from the clutches of Jenny, but she held him too
tight. Obi-Wan looked over Jenny’s shoulder, helplessly at the crowd, who
were laughing quite audibly now. It was Qui-Gon that came to Obi-Wan’s

He cleared his throut authoritivly. “Padawan Jenny Opinfros, do you think
you could please remove yourself from my apprentice?” Jenny didn’t even
have the coutesy to look embaressed. She got off Obi-Wan and turned to look
at Qui-Gon. “But your apprentice is so cute!” she squealed very un-jedi
like. “You must feed him well, he has such a cute a-”

Obi-Wan’s face blushed deeeply, “Jenny!” he screeched stopping her comment
about his posterior. Twenty minutes later, Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon were walking
back to their quarters. Qui-Gon stopped in the middle of the hallway and
held his padawan’s shoulders. “I’m very proud of you Obi-Wan.” Qui-Gon told
his padawan. You will be a great Jedi someday.” H said as he sent waves of
love ans affection towards his padawan.

Obi-Wan glanced up fondly at his mentor. “Thank you Master.” he replied
humbly. Then came the worst question Obi had ever asked in his lifetime.
“What’s for lunch, Master?”

Qui-Gon answered happily, “Bantha Stew.”

Pure horror crossed Obi-Wan’s face. “But Master, that stuff tastes like sh-”
Qui-Gon quickly clapped a hand over Obi-Wan’s offending mouth. “Padawan,
Master Yoda gave me that recipe, do you want to go tell him how much you
like it? Or would you prefer to spend an hour with soap on your mouth?”

Obi-Wan paled, “Neither really appeals to me, Master.” Soon, the Jedi
reached their quarters. Qui-Gon palmed open the door, and headed toward the
‘fresher. He opened the door, and was taken by surprise as water rushed out
of the door, soaking him. “Obi-Wan!!” he spluttered angrily. “You forgot to
turn off the shower!! *Again!*

Obi-Wan knew he had forgotten something this morning!! One look at Qui-Gon’s
angry face was enough to scare away a sith, thought Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan fumbled
for an answer. “Uh...Obi-Wan is not here at the moment. Leave your comm
number and location after the beep, and I’ll get to you as soon as

Qui-Gon’s face did not show amusement at all, so Obi-Wan did the only thing
his 14 year old mind would allow him to do at the moment. RUN. Obi-Wan
dashed out of the quarters. As Qui-Gon shouted threats through their bond,
Obi-Wan ran for the safety of Dining Hall. The last thing he heard from
Qui-Gon through their bond was a
//Obi-Wan!! That had better not be my toaster with lightsaber marks on it!
Your allowance is going to be plummet lower than a crashing speeder,

<The days are menacing and tainted with evil>thought Obi-Wan as his
thoroughly drenched Master came sprinting after him, holding the destroyed
toaster in his hands, yelling something about Obi-Wan being an evil, sithly,
water running, toaster destroying, braid-boy, <but I wouldn’t change these
times for anything!!!>