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starwarsTales of the Temple TerrorsShaydremMoonthis is a set of stories(click to see full list of them PGN/Ano
starwarsHe Killed My HamsterLadyPadmeI am quite grievously upset. That Artoo unit killed my hamster. That overweight glob of grease. He must have picked up a flutter or some sort of malfunction; that’s the only explanation I can give. PGN/Ano
starwarsThe Art of Obi-Torture (And How to Get it Right)Tahirihumor/how-towelcome to "The Art of Obi-Torture (And How to Get it Right!)". In this edition, you will be shown the basics to getting your Obi-Torture skills sharpened, enough to make people wince, sniffle, or even bawl like a baby! PG-13n/ayes
starwarsone piece at a timeamidalachicksong based ficHi! I got the idea for this story based on the late Johnny Cash's song "One Piece At A Time." GN/Ayes
starwarsMagical Cloak of Obi-Wan KenobiGinger NinjahumorQui-Gon muses upon his Padawan’s special cloak GN/Ano
starwarsFinding a Way HomeGinger Ninjaaction/horrorObi-Wan agrees to a dare. Will he survive a night of terror? PG-13N/Ano
starwarsMy StarAthenaLeighObi-Wan watches his Master and thinks about him. GN/Ano
starwarsIn the MorningAthenaLeighQui-Gon and Obi-Wan take a vacation. Qui-Gon thinks about his life and his Padawan. GN/Ano
starwarsMooncast ShadowAthenaLeighQui-Gon takes some time out to commune with nature. GN/Ano
starwarsDéjà vuSkalenFehla case of Déjà vu GN/Ano
starwarsExquisite Pain: LinkedDurheledielsee story ....PG-13obi-tortureno
starwarsWatching the WheelsLuvEwanMaster and apprentice on a rainy day. GN/Ano
starwarsI hate my jobDiane KovalcinJA booksA new Docent learns about how hard a job can be when she is forced to tell an initiate that he has failed to find a Master and must leave for BandomeerGN/Ano
starwarsIt's a jungle in thereDiane KovalcinQui-gon's new hobby get's out of handGN/Ano
starwarsroses are red violets are maceLayren Ever wonder just how Mace Windu managed to get the only purple saber in the entire Jedi Order?…. GN/Ano
Jedi incorporatedexlanta When the Jedi Council faces a severe budget crisis, it must find new sources of income quickly or risk disaster. GN/Ano
starwarsThe Gambler padawanPatttyB0123Obi-Wan is being hold by a smuggler is a garantied. Jinn left worried that his padawan is going to end hurt in the end of the mission, but..when Jinn comes back finds that his GAMBLING like old timer. GN/Ano
starwarsJedi Apprentice: The Rising Force -- Rewrite -- jedi_master_ousleyThis is my personal adaptation of the Jedi Apprentice novels. As they are young reader novels, they can be rather short at times, and lacking deep explanation. I will be adding to that. Much of the original text from the novels by Dave Wolverton and Jude Watson will remain the same, though a lot will be added, and slight story elements might be changed. Remember, all storylines belong to Dave Wolverton (for this one) and LFL. PGN/Ayes
starwarsSacrifice in Memory- Boba Fett Short Story- His first Jedi huntAlixenThe idea for this came from ESB when you see the blonde braid on Boba's shoulder; even though it’s a wookie braid I can’t help thinking. Padawan Braid. So here's the story ^_^ This is going by Boba being 12 in AOTC and 14 at the end of the clone wars }} There is a little surprise in here for those that have played Star Wars: Galactic Battleground- Clone Campaigns {{ PGN/Ano
starwarsI didn't know playdoh was explosivewho?Obi-Wan, Siri, and two other teens get saddled babysitting eight children of questionable obedience capabilities. GN/Ano
starwarsYoda of dagoba journalsDARTH2-D2yoda of dagoba journals it's as the name says :-)PGN/Ayes
starwarsAn Interesting DayPadawan_Jess_KenobiObi-wan has An Interesting Day....PGN/Ano
starwarsThe Greatest Gift Is Your SongPadawan_Jess_KenobiObi-wan sings Qui-gon a song for his birthday ... GN/Ano
starwarsRecipe for disasterJedi_Humaira_BlaineObi-Wan is on a cook the perfect meal! Will he succeed? GN/Ano
starwarsOne small childCascadiaOne winter night, Obi-Wan learns about sacrifice . . . GN/Ano
starwarsHIDING MASTER SARIELCascadiaObi-Wan and Qui-Gon attempt to keep Obi's pet a secret from the Council. GN/Ano
starwarsBreath of nightCascadiaA terrible disaster leaves Obi-Wan to care for his master and alone to battle the guilt in his heart, all the while lost on a strange world where choices can leave them with more than they thought they had bargained for. PGN/Ano
starwarsMeltingCascadiaWhen Obi-Wan falls seriously ill during a simple visitation to a tropical island, Qui-Gon realizes how much the padawan means to him. PGN/Ano
starwarsThe Lima FixObi the KidhumorHumor. Pre-TPM. Obi-Wan is 13. Non-Slash. Obi-Wan visits the Senate, the healers, the holo-theater and meets his hero. PGN/Ano
starwarsThe dareObi the KidPre-TPM, Obi is 13. He takes a dare. PGN/Ano
starwarsBrazo's SpeederObi the KidHumor. Pre-TPM. Obi-Wan is 13. Non-Slash. Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon and Bren are invited to a day out with Brazo. That's just when things start to go wrong. PGN/Ano
starwarsPoltergeistObi the KidPre-TPM, non-slash. Qui and Obi's apartment is haunted? (Obi is 13.) PGN/Ano
starwarsHail storms and speedersObi the KidPre-TPM. Humor. Non-Slash. Mace gets a new speeder, Obi has fun with it. PGN/Ano
starwarsBraidless in CoruscantObi the KidPre-TPM, non-slash. (Obi is 13.) Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon are the guinea pigs for a new series of books about life as a Jedi Apprentice.PGN/Ano
starwarsThe PromisemasterobiwankenobiA Master comes face to face with his greatest fear and makes a promise to his Padawan.PGN\\Ano
starwarsI Wish I May, I Wish I MightewanA little holiday tale. An understanding reached between master and apprentice. Q/O GN\\Ano
starwarsCasualties of WarSajasma Lee An account from a woman who managed to kill four of the Jedi’s most esteemed apprentices.PG-13N\\Ano

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